Florencia Ines Gonzalez

Castings & Documentaries director

Hi, I'm Florencia Ines Gonzalez Castings & Documentaries Director.

Florencia Inés González was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She studied Filmmaking with José Martínez Suárez, and in 1996 she got her Filmmaking degree from Universidad del Cine de Buenos Aires.
While in college, she wrote and directed three short films: So slowly goes the night (1991) Blue, almost transparent (1993) y Fish-shes (1995). Between 1994 and 2000 she worked both as a Director’s Assistant and in the script department for long feature films, TV and commercials. At the same time, she coached and trained child actors.
In 1998, she got a grant  from  Antorchas Foundation of Argentina, and filmed her first documentary, Aicanflai. With the help of the same Foundation, she later filmed Child Prodigy.
In the Fall of 2001, she moved to Madrid, where she filmed the documentaries Another Place and, co directed wigh Natacha Mazzitelli, In Transit.
She has been living in Madrid since 2002, working as Casting Director and doing ocumentary jobs as a freelance director (Educathyssen, Canal Nou, Intermediae)
Besides her personal works. An applause to He who lives its her fifth documentary. Released in 2017 at the Cineteca Española.